EVILE - Stellen Fotos von Pre-Production online



Earaches EVILE haben einige Tage an der Pre-Produktion ihres neuen Albums gearbeitet. Bilder von der Session findet ihr HIER.

EVILE Frontmann MATT DRAKE kommentiert:

"We've just finished up two long days of pre-production on our upcoming album with Russ Russell in a dark basement in our home town where we've done a lot of writing, re-writing, tweaking, re-tweaking, arguing and un-tweaking and we've come away extremely happy with this bunch of new songs we've been kicking around since last year.

It always bugs me when bands talk up their upcoming album by saying the same things everyone else does like it's heavier and more broooootal and so on, so all I want to say is we're excited about what we're working on and it feels like a natural progression from our first effort, you'll all be able to make up your own minds on all that though when it's released later this year. Until then we'll keep everyone updated on developments from the studio in May, show you the artwork and all that jif, do a little dance for you, and we're planning to road test some of the new material on our UK tour which starts April 15th in Birmingham, so if you're heading down to any of the shows we'll see you there!! Cheers!"