FALL OUT BOY reden über \"Infinity on High\"



FALL OUT BOY Gitarrist Patrick Stump hat sich folgendermaßen zum "From Under The Cork Tree" Nachfolger geäußert:

"From song to song there's a completely different feel, but they all make sense in context. They've got a few common points, but overall there's a lot of different voices and perspectives and styles. It would be dishonest for us to hold back any of these elements."

Die erste Single "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" beschreibt er als "a hip-hop/R&B song, but written as a punk song.."

Gastfeatures wird es von Jay-Z, Panic! At the Disco's Ryan Ross und New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert geben. "Infinity on High" erscheint am 06. Februar 2007.