FAREWELL TO WORDS – Sängerin Jessi nicht mehr dabei



Ich weiß ja nicht wo die Band immer so schnell die neuen Frauen am Mic herbekommt, aber zukünftig wird Katharina die weibliche Stimme bei FAREWELL TO WORDS sein. Bin sehr gespannt, ob sie mit Jessi mithalten kann. Hier das Statement der Band:

"yes ladies and gents,
there is again a line-up change in our rooster. unfortunately, we parted ways with our female singer jessi. she left as a friend and will stay in our hearts, but she wanna put her focus on something else in her life. we wish her all the best for the future.

therefore we present you our new female singer katharina. she´s got an amazing voice and is cute like hell ;-) be sure to check her out at one of our next shows. she´ll be standing behind the mic from now on. new pictures will follow at the end of the week. one more thing to mention is, due to the fact, that katharina is a very busy woman, we don`t know yet, if she has time to focus on farewell to words as we others do. it very looks like this, but you never know. therefore, we decided to look for other singers, till we know, if it will workout or not. if you are female singer and like our music, drop us a note and we can jam a little bit. but just to make it clear - katharina is a fulltime-member right now and will play all shows, tours, festivals and will do studio-work till she made a decision. so if you wanna book us, feel free to do so.. that´s it. we wish you an amazing week and don´t forget: our ep "tear down this wall" will hit the stores at the 26th of january. be sure to grab your copy...
love, farewell to words"