FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES reden über neues Album, Ausstieg von Ben



FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES haben sich in einem Interview zu den Abgang des ehemaligen Sängers Ben sowie dem neuen Album „Holding a Wolf By the Ears“ geäußert:

“I definitely understand why he did it, now that we've talked. Ultimately I think it was the honorable thing to do. He could have come down to the studio and given a real halfhearted performance. Then we would have been in real trouble. But I think it was cool of him to recognize that he just didn't have the passion for the band anymore and couldn't deliver. It was probably a difficult thing for him to do."

Zum neuen Album fügt man folgendes an:

“Part of me is hoping that some people can look at this as a new band and not draw too many comparisons between this record and the past three, because I feel like it's kind of a new beginning,”

Außerdem findet man mit "Everything I Need" einen weiteren neuen Song bei Myspace.