FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW haben sich zu ihrer nahen Zukunft und zu ihrem neuen Album "Conversations." geäußert:

"Our new record will be called "Conversations" It is to be a reflection of worldly topics depicted through interactions between fictional characters having what would appear to be daily communications in their own lives and worlds they inhabit. The idea being that the characters are in the midst of their own lives and can not stop the fact that they will continue being effected by the same topics that govern the real lives of the listeners. Conversations will be a collection of "portions" of stories that show how each person in the world, old or young, poor or wealthy, are in fact touched by the worldly events that continue to happen around us, whether we take notice or not. The ideas of the world at war with itself, the continual destruction of our environment through our selfish human wants and needs, communication itself, and several other worldly and personal topics shall be addressed within the record. Musically our intent is to create music that touches on all the feelings these issues bring up when confronted at a human level. The darkness when dealing with waring nations and the destructions felt therefore, the light and soaring melodies that transpire while dealing with a worthwhile message such as helping the poverty stricken lands in Africa, or simply creating a soup kitchen in ones neighborhood. This record is, at its deepest idea, an attempt to create fictional characters interacting with one another based on their feelings in and about the world around them. A conversation between strangers, loved ones, children or anyone can allow us into the realm of human thought, leading to an understanding of how and why we, as human beings, act the way we do on certain topics of life. As Pink Floyd once said, "All we have to do is keep talking."

Stay tuned as we continue to write for updates and about when we plan to hit the studio and possibly release the record.