GOODNESS GREYNESS ME - neuer Song im Stream



GOODNESS GREYNESS ME ist der britische Musiker und Tontechniker Dan Kiener, der zuvor Mitglied bei MAGPIES AND VAGABONDS war und bereits mit THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM oder THUMPERS arbeitete. Auf seinem neuen Album, welches Kiener am 13. Oktober digital seblst veroeffentlicht, stellt er eine bunte Mischung aus Indie, Rock und Elektro vor. HIER gibt es den Vorabsong "Wounded Matador" im Stream zu hoeren - den Kiener wie folgt kommentiert:


"“Wounded Matador” found its final form when I heard “Open Up The Sky” by Shock Machine and essentially copied the feel of the drums. I loved the gaul of how the drums kick in so I tried to lift it almost wholesale. The main riff part in “Wounded Matador” has these spaced out accents and then I put some 16ths in there to fill the gaps, make it flow. I guess a real turning point in arranging the album was when I worked out that my guitar parts could be one note at a time and sound much better than if I was playing chords – that’s all over this song. Drew from Magpies & Vagabonds leant me some nice guitar parts for the verses, which was sweet of him. I should buy him a bottle of wine or something.

This song is about how I keep making mistakes, socially and emotionally. There was meant to be a cathartic element to it, critiquing my person and trying to make sense of it lyrically to see if that would help me grow and evolve into a better human. So far, results have not been conclusive. It’s sort of cognitive behavioural therapy done wrong, I guess; I seem to identify all these negative thought patterns and fail to heed any sort of lessons from them whatsoever. The song’s a banger, though."