GOREFEST nehmen neues Album im März auf



GOREFEST Gitarrist Boudewijn Vincent Bonebakker hat folgendes Update online gestellt:

"We're well into the writing sessions of our new album, due to be released mid-2007. We just finished the demo tapes with the foundations for 11 new songs. Drum tracks and rhythm guitars have been pre-recorded and some vocals as well. Of the 11 songs we're going to choose about 9 songs to be put on the album. So now we're in the stage of make up drum fills, guitar solos and what-not to give it all even more edge. Also vocal lines and lyrics are well on [their] way. We can honestly say this is going to be a brutal one. The frustration, anger and aggression that has been built up over the past year has really found its way to the songs. Blasts, speed picking and fast polkas are more common than spare.

The same way we did with 'La Muerte', we're going to record in the Excess studios in Rotterdam with engineers Hans and Dennis. Tue Madsen will be doing mixing duty and the production will be more of a joint venture with him this time.

We plan to go into the studio for actual recording this March but before that you'll get a few chances to see us live. On February the 3rd we'll play in The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark and the 23rd we'll play in Simplon in Groningen, Netherlands. After a short resting period we'll be back with more shows in late April and May. Most likely there will be some festival appearances in June as well."