Die Hardcorepunkband GREAT COLLAPSE um Strike Anywhere-Sänger Thomas Barnett stellt mit "Atomic Calendar" einen neuen Song vor,  dessen Kompletteinnahmen aus den Downloadverkaeufen dem IAFDF (International Anti-Facist Defence Fund) gespendet werden.
Der Benefiz-Song steht ab sofort auf der tumblr-Website des IAFDF zum Download bereit und entstammt dem kommenden Album „Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again!“, welches am 26. Januar via End Hits Records erscheint.
Thomas Barnett/GREAT COLLAPSE :
Great Collapse is honored to co-present with the IAFDF the release of this last single before the album drops January 26. “Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again!” These crucial times call for ideas and actions that step beyond solidarity. This is about mutual aid and support across borders, cultures and conditions to resist hatred and division, and really build a worldwide movement that flexes with conflict, heals its wounds, and learns from its mistakes. "Atomic Calendar" is a song about breathing and listening, but also digging past the noise of false identity and reaction, to build the strength to stand in the breach and help each other through this ragged bottleneck of history. We are anti-fascist because we love this world with all of its beauty and differences, and this culture of community self defense is the way we challenge hatred, violence and viral propaganda-on the streets, in our institutions, and the highest political offices.
"The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund (IAFDF; aka the Defence Fund) was established in 2015 to provide aid and assistance to anti-fascists, anti-racists, and anyone confronting hate whenever they run into some kind of difficulty as a result of their stance against bigotry. The Defence Fund accepts requests or suggestions for support from anyone. An international body of over 500 anti-fascists discusses requests/proposals and makes decisions about them via consensus whenever possible. To-date the Defence Fund has provided over $30,000 worth of aid to more than 300 individuals and groups in nineteen countries. The Defence Fund is endorsed by three different anti-fascist networks and reports its activities regularly on its blog."
26.01.2018 DE Wermelskirchen - Ajz Bahndamm Wermelskirchen*
27.01.2018 DE Braunschweig - B58* 
28.01.2018 DE Zwiesel - Jugendcafe Zwiesel*
29.01.2018 DE Leipzig - Conne Island*
31.01.2018 DE Berlin - Badehaus Berlin*
01.02.2018 DE Hamburg - Knust Hamburg#
02.02.2018 DE Cologne - Palladium Köln (Family First Festival)+
03.02.2018 DE Neunkirchen - Stummsche Reithalle*
04.02.2018 BE Mechelen - De Club
09.02.2018 DE Lindau - Club Vaudeville
10.02.2018 AT Linz - Kultur Gasthaus Auerhahn Linz
11.02.2018 SI Ljubljana - Gala Hala
12.02.2018 AT Wiener Neustadt - Jugend- und Kulturhaus TRIEBWERK
13.02.2018 CZ Prague - Eternia Smichov
14.02.2018 DE Koblenz - Circus Maximus
15.02.2018 DE Hannover - MusikZentrum Hannover%
16.02.2018 DE Hamburg - Logo Hamburg%
17.02.2018 DE Essen - Zeche Carl%
* w/ Shoreline
# w/ Dave Hause
+ w/ Boysetsfire
% w/ Rogers