GREYHAVEN - stellen erste Single seit "Empty Black" vor



Das letzte Album der Progmetaller von GREYHAVEN erschien 2018. Anbei stellt die Band um Frontmann Brent Mills nun einen ersten neuen Song namens "A Match Where Great Fire Should Be" vor. Fuer den neuen Song arbeitete die Band aus Kentucky - ebenso wie fuer "Empty Black" - mit Produzent Will Putney zusammen. 

Mills kommentiert: 

“This song is about recognizing the need for change and opportunity for growth. I was struggling with where my life was for a while and struggling with my relationships with important people in my life and I realized that I needed to make the right decisions for myself and really make myself happy which I wasn't doing for a long time. I think I used other people as excuses for my behavior instead of really taking ownership of it. That's a huge thing I've learned this year and this song is mostly a reaction to all of that”