GROUNDCULTURE - bei Hopeless Records



Die britische Hardcoreband GROUNDCULTURE unterschreibt bei Hopeless Records, re-released ihre selbstbetitelte EP und stellt zeitgleich eine neue Single namens "Catalyst" vor. Anbei gibt es den Track im Stream, den Frontmann Roy Watson wie folgt kommentiert: 

"Imagine me talking to the self frustration and complacency that comes with letting frustration cloud your experience and telling myself to focus on the moment. So often, although physically you're present, your mind is elsewhere. I'm talking to the side of my personality that relapses into that mindset, and instead, come to terms with how this thinking weighs down my potential across the board.

Hopefully people hear what I'm saying and it opens up a sense of their own demons that can be used as a catalyst to positive change or an awakening inside of those feelings that inhibit our perspective of things”


Zum Signing seiner Band sagt Roy:

"It's hard to actually verbalize how it feels to have a family like Hopeless Records on board with GroundCulture. It's going to change our lives and give life to our actual dream, as well as introduce us to people who will no doubt grow to be some of our closest friends in the world. The way they operate as a company overall and how they really dig deep into their artists' thinking and process really had me taken aback...They're the real deal and I know by being partnered with them, both on a personal level, emotional level and in a sense of being an artist, me and the lads are going to see major growth that we will take through to the rest of our lives. The real work starts right now”.