HACKNEYED - gehören zur Lifeforce Records Familie



HACKNEYED haben nach 2 Alben für Nuclear Blast bei Lifeforce Records unterschrieben. Zurzeit sind die Death Metallewr im Studio, um ihr 3. Album einzuspielen. Erscheinen soll es Mitte August 2011. Lest die Pressemitteilung dazu:

"After having released two successful albums on Nuclear Blast, we at Lifeforce Records are very proud and excited to announce the signing of HACKNEYED to our roster, a band we are watching since their first steps and we can easily consider as one of the most fresh and promising Death Metal bands out there.

HACKNEYED is currently in the studio working on the band’s third album and Lifeforce Records debut, which is going to see its release at their SUMMER BREEZE festival appearance (August 18th – 20th).

HACKNEYED is commenting its signing to Lifeforce Records with the following words:
The news about our new deal with Lifeforce Records reached us straight in the studio, where we currently record our third album.

We are very psyked and happy about our new partnership with Lifeforce Records – a label with a great reputation, history and a very nice roster, we are proud to be part of now. We are very happy to be part of such great family now.