HAKEN - Video zu "Canary Yellow"



Die Progressive-Rock Band HAKEN hat mit "Canary Yellow" einen neuen Song veröffentlicht. Der Track ist der zweite Vorbote des neuen Albums "Virus". Das Album erscheint am 05. Juni 2020 via Inside Out Music. Die Band kommentiert den neuen Song: 

“For Canary Yellow, we went in a more alternative direction, since we’re all big fans of bands like Radiohead, Elbow and Peter Gabriel. Those are artists who can portray quite dark subject matter through really beautiful music. Since the 'Virus' album is intended to be a metaphor for various negative tropes of society, we wanted to explore this idea in a variety of ways.
Canary Yellow deals with the suppression of physical and mentally abusive relationships; something that can often remain hidden behind a seemingly happy facade. We once again returned to long time visual collaborators 'Crystal Spotlight' for this ambitious animation and we're absolutely thrilled with how well the visuals complement and enhance the atmosphere of the song. The video shows a seemingly idyllic family environment, but with a sense of sadness beneath the surface and absolute devastation looming on the horizon. They go about their day oblivious to the fact that they are mannequins living in a 1950s style ‘Doom Town‘ experiment.”

Tracklist "Virus":

01.    Prosthetic
02.    Invasion
03.    Carousel
04.    The Strain
05.    Canary Yellow
06.    Messiah Complex i: Ivory Tower
07.    Messiah Complex ii: A Glutton for Punishment
08.    Messiah Complex iii: Marigold
09.    Messiah Complex iv: The Sect
10.    Messiah Complex v: Ectobius Rex
11.    Only Stars