HARLOTS - Pause auf unbestimmte Zeit



HARLOTS haben eine Pause auf unbestimmte Zeit verkündet. Hier das Statement von Drummer Jeff Lohrber:

"Since Harlots has last toured, I've been a very busy guy. I wrote and demoed 11 songs for what I wanted to be the new Harlots record (one of them is on the Harlots myspace), 10 songs for my new band Savior for a Fallen Hero, and 13 songs for my hardcore project Kiss The Cobra. I also have done tours drumming for Shai Hulud and Dance Club Massacre, and I've had session gigs with Today Is The Day (again) and Struck By Lightning. As for the rest of the guys, Eric has a new band called By Way of Sunstorm, Christian is going to be singing for SFAFH, and Josh has been way bummed because he can't skate when snow is on the ground.

As it stands right now, Harlots played our last show at Robot Mosh Fest 2008 in West Bend, WI alongside our good friends in Veil of Maya, After The Burial, With Dead Hands Rising, Paria, HeWhoCorrupts, etc. At this point almost all of us are living in different states, and we just can't afford to be a band. We've been doing this since 2002 and we all have given up so much to be in this band.

What's going to happen with this new record? Well I don't think our record label has much interest in releasing a record that there is going to be very little touring on. Harlots never had a booking agent, I booked almost every single fucking show, besides shows that guys from other bands booked. You can only take a band so far touring like that. To be flat out honest, the 4 of us just were never on the same page with the writing process of this album. With all of the previous records, Eric and I were the writing force behind it. Once I started writing songs on my own, even though I felt like they were 100% Harlots songs, Eric did not think so highly of them. Regardless of the arguments, we all feel that 'Betrayer' is one hell of a record and hopefully it goes down as being a totally unique and heavy record in the years to come, and we're all still really good friends, which is why we're not breaking up. We still want to get together and play shows whenever we can, and I'm sure we will sometime soon.

So do yourself a favor and check out our new bands. Thank you to everyone for the years of support, it's been fun. You'll be seeing all of our faces again."