HASSLE RECORDS - feiert 15 Jahre



Hassle Records feiert in diesem sein 15-jähriges Bestehen. Daher wird es in diesem Jahr eine Serie von 15 limitierten Vinyl-Only Re-Releases geben. Diese werden am 30.Oktober veröffentlicht. Für die ersten 5 der 15 Platten ist der Vorverkauf bereits gestartet:

JULIETTE AND THE LICKS - ...Like A Bolt Of Lightning
CASEY - Love Is Not Enough
TUBELORD - Our First American Friends / Tezcatlipoca
WE ARE THE OCEAN - Cutting Our Teeth

Hassle Records ist eines der produktivsten und renommiertesten UK-Indie-Labels mit Veröffentlichungen von u.a. THE USED, PETROL GIRLS und BRUTUS. Mitbesitzer Wez kommentiert:

"2020 marks 15 years of Hassle Records. So, we wanted to celebrate. It only seems like yesterday that we had to change the label's name (for bullshit legal reasons) and start again. But we got off to a great start putting out the Juliette Lewis EP ‘...Like A Bolt Of Lightning ‘ as the first release. And it’s been a great musical journey ever since. Never wanting be constrained by a ‘genre sound’, we work with artists and music that we simply love, and from there we just hope that other people will also love the records that we put out. This ethos has been the ultimate foundation in the label's history from the start.

To that end, for our 15th anniversary we have decided to re-issue 15 records from varying parts of our history and catalogue, all as limited vinyl-only releases. Hopefully our choices accurately represent what a diverse sound we have to the label, and that the passion we have for the music and the bands shines through."