HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - weitere Eindruecke zu "Lost Frequencies"



Von ihrem neuen Album "Lost Frequencies" koppeln HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS gleich zwei Songs aus - darunter "Machinehead", im Original von BUSH. Die Band um Frontmann JT Woodruff zur Coverversion:

“When we were all in high school, Bush came outta nowhere. Every freakin song was a smash hit. They also play that song at Cincinnati Bengals games, right after Ohio Is For Lovers, so we felt it was appropriate”

Die B-Seiten/Raritaeten-Kollektion "Lost Frequencies" erscheint dann am 8. November via Pure Noise Records. Zur Akustikversion von “The Perfect Way To Fall Apart” sagt Woodruff:

 “We’ve always been a fan of alternate versions. Since we were working on covers, we thought why not cover ourselves a little bit. It’s nice to hear what songs sound like in different arrangements, because all good songs stand alone in any style”