HEART OF GOLD - neue Single



HEART OF GOLD haben mit "Midnight in Miami" eine neue Single veröffentlicht. Das Nebenprojekt von Michael McGough (BEING AS AN OCEAN) beschert uns Synthie-Pop Vibes und steht im Kontrast zum Rock / Post-Hardcore von BEING AS AN OCEAN. Doch auch in diesen Kontext fügt sich die besondere Stimme des Sängers problemlos ein. Michael McGough kommentiert: 

'“Midnight In Miami' was the song i wrote when i wanted to start actually doing the things i always thought about doing but would forever put off. I would listen to so many songs, and experience all of these feelings as i was trying to translate what they were actually about, and i told myself ‘I wanna write a song that physically makes me feel something like these songs do. I wanna write a song that can transport you to a completely different place to where you’re currently at. 

I grew up between two households. My mother brought in this incredible range of Pop and R&B to my life. I’ve always been so drawn to dominant vocals in a song, accompanied by just the right chord progression that really makes you feel something. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Lisa Stansfield in particular were the leaders of that. However, my fathers house was always filled with rock and roll music. The Smiths, Queen, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin just to name a few. That brought in a wider range of inspiration of vocal ranges, and how the voice can really work when accompanying the right music".