HOLLOW FRONT - Re-Issue und neue Single



Die Metalcoreband HOLLOW FRONT unterschreibt bei UNFD und kuendigt ein Rerelease ihres Debutalbums "Loose Threads" an. Zudem stellt die Band unten einen neuen Song namens "Wearing Thin" im Stream vor. Frontmann Tyler Tate zum Titel

"'Wearing Thin' is a love lost song, it’s about deep pain from losing someone that you thought was it, that you loved so much but they just don’t feel the same way about you. I was coming from the angle of my past relationship, I felt so tired from it yet I didn’t want to bring myself to let it go because there’s a part of you that thinks it could still be OK. It wasn’t healthy, so ‘Wearing Thin’ is really me saying that I’m ready to stop feeling this way"