HOMESAFE (Mitglieder von u.a. KNUCKLE PUCK) - Debutalbum im Juni



HOMESAFE aus Illinois stellen eine neue Single namens “Run” vor. Der Track wird auf dem Debutalbum 'One' enthalten sein, welches die Poppunkband am 29. Juni via Pure Noise Records veroeffentlichen wird. HOMESAFE Frontmann Ryan Rumchaks ist erprobter Poppunkmusiker - spielt er doch neben HOMESAFE auch Bass bei KNUCKLE PUCK. Der Frontmann erklaert:

“”Run” is a song about overcoming self-doubt - wanting to run away from problems life can throw at you. “Do you ever feel like you’re the one who never takes the jump but always takes the fall?” is the line of the song that pretty much sums it all up. The video for Run shows the walls closing in on the band and us pushing against them, all while someone tries to reach us before it’s too late. It was a really good time to shoot”