HUNDREDTH - stellen neuen Song inklusive Video vor



HUNDREDTH stellen einen neuen Song namens "Inside Out" inklusive Video vor. Der Track wird auf em neuen Album "Free" enthalten sein, welches die Hardcoreband am 16. Juni via Hopeless Records veroeffentlicht.

Frontmann Chad Johnson zur Platte:

"Our goal with FREE was to combine all of the elements of Hundredth into one release without hindering progression. The outcome is by far our best release. We ventured out vocally, which truly elevated the sound of this record. These are some of the best songs we've ever written and this record is sonically superior to anything we've ever done”.

Tracklisting "Free":

1. ///
2. Unravel
3. Inside Out
4. Break Free
5. Isolation
6. Beggar
7. See Beyond
8. Daze
9. Reach
10. Delusion
11. Burdens