HURTLOCKER - Suchen neues Label



HURTLOCKER und Napalm Records haben sich nach zwei alben getrennt. Die Band hat folgendes Statement online gestellt:

"We have three new songs demoed and are in the process of shopping. We are really looking forward to finding a [new label] home here in the States.

"The three new songs are fucking brilliant and we are just hoping to find someone who shares our vision for the future. After our last deal, we are skeptical about just signing with anyone, so we plan to take our time and find the right fit for HURTLOCKER and our future label.

"The good news is the three new songs came out excellent and we have Peter [a.k.a. Piotr Wiwczarek] from VADER, and Leif [Jensen] from DEW-SCENTED supplying guest vocals on two of them. Peter is on the song 'Anti-Christ Conceived' and Leif lent his vocals to 'Suffer the Wreck'. They both came out better than we could have hoped for. It's nice to have some of our more successful peers lend their voices and names to these songs and we couldn't thank them enough. The third song, 'So Fell Lord Perth', is the most different of the three and really of anything HURTLOCKER has ever done. It's quite the departure, but the song came out killer, so we are running with it.

"We aren't going to release these three songs yet because we want to try and find a label and share these songs when we release another album. We just wanted to release this information for those who care.

"Thank you to everyone who supported us over our Napalm Records career and we look forward to moving out of this long period of a neutral gear and seeing you all again soon."