IMMOLATION - Tracklist und Titel raus



IMMOLATION werden ihr neues Album "Majesty And Decay" nennen. Veröffentlicht wird das gute Stück am 9. März via Nuclear Blast Records. Das Album wird gemäß der Band "10 songs [plus two intros] of the strongest material we have ever written. The new material is more violent and aggressive, with fast sections that take us to a new level of speed and intensity, while complementing the dark and sullen heavier moments. There are plenty of miserable and militant movements to please the diehard and new IMMOLATION fans alike."

"Majesty And Decay" besteht aus diesen Tracks:
01. Intro
02. The Purge
03. A Token Of Malice
04. Majesty And Decay
05. Divine Code
06. In Human Form
07. A Glorious Epoch
08. Intro
09. A Thunderous Consequence
10. The Rapture of Ghosts
11. Power And Shame
12. The Comfort of Cowards