IMPENDING DOOM verlieren 2 Mitglieder



Gemäß Lambgoat hat IMPENDING DOOM Gitarrist Manny Contreras die Band verlassen. Hier ein Statement:

"I can say we've come a long way since the day Brook and I started the band in high school and fought for our crappy demos to be listened to, selling them for 2 bucks to buy another meal deal at lunch. We've seen a lot of members come and go and did whatever we could to keep the band going because we were so in love with the music. As of now, for me, the love for the music of this band is really hard to feel. As a band gets bigger it only gets harder to feel the passion you once had. The business side of things really changes a lot.

We all think this change is the best for the band. I love the guys and always will. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported and will keep on supporting Impending Doom. As for me, I will keep on pursuing a musical path, writing the music I've always loved to write."

Weiterhin soll Drummer Isaac Bueno ebenfalls gegangen sein. Folgendes Update wurde von der Band veröffentlicht:

"Yes, it's true we have parted ways with both Manny and Isaac. Both of them felt like this was not for them anymore; it happened a while back before we entered the studio. Not everyone can maintain the amount of passion that Impending Doom requires. That being said, we are still great friends with both Manny and Isaac and wish them both nothing but the best. Our good friend Brandon Trahan (ex-Mirror of Dead Faces) has stepped in on drums and just recently finished tracking on our upcoming record, which will be released this summer. As for rhythm guitar, we have someone stepping in for our upcoming tours and summer festivals. Be on the look out for new tour dates and a new record."