IN HEARTS WAKE - neues Album Ende Mai



IN HEARTS WAKE aus Australien verkuenden mit "Ark" ihr neues Album, welches am 26. Mai via UNDF erscheint. Mit "Passage" stellt die Metalcoreband unten bereits einen ersten Eindruck zur Platte vor. Frontmann Jake Tayolr erklaert die Hintergruende zum Release:

No matter what side of the world we live on, water connects us all. Every living thing, and every human being that ever was or will be, is born of water. The plasma in our blood is 92% water, our brains 75%, and even our bones are 30% water. The same water that shapes our Earth is the same water within each of us. 

This record is an ode to the Ark that is our ocean planet. Just like a ship, if one part is compromised all life is threatened. What happens on one side of the world affects the other. If we don’t work together to repair our home and restore the integrity of its natural resources, we will all go down with the ship. Since water is our lifeblood, it needs to be respected, protected, and acknowledged not only as a basic human right, but as an essential human need.