JAPANDROIDS - Livealbum angekündigt



Das kanadische Garagerock-Duo JAPANDROIDS veröffentlicht im Juni ihr erstes Livealbum. Via Anti-Records erscheint "Massey Fucking Hall" am 19. Juni. Die Aufnahmen stammen aus der namensgebenden Location "Massey Hall" in Toronto. Schlagzeuger David Prowse kommentiert: 


“We never thought we’d have the opportunity to play at Massey Hall. It’s the most legendary venue in Canada by far, but it didn’t seem like a natural spot for a band like us to play. It’s a 100+ year old seated theatre, which isn’t the usual type of spot you expect to see Japandroids. Honestly, when we got off the stage that night, I remember feeling a sense of relief and exhilaration, but the whole thing felt like a bit of a blur. It was a very emotional show for me. We were both pretty nervous getting up on that stage.”

Mit "Heart Sweats" wurde bereits ein erster Vorgeschmack veröffentlicht. 

Tracklisting "Massey Fucking Hall"

1. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
2. Fire’s Highway
3. Heart Sweats
4. Arc Of Bar
5. Younger Us
6. North East South West
7. The Nights of Wine And Roses
8. No Known Drink Or Drug
9. Continuous Thunder
10. Young Hearts Spark Fire
11. Sovereignty
12. The House That Heaven Built