JAPANDROIDS - neuer Videoclip online



Die kanadischen JAPANDROIDS koppeln den Song "North East South West“ von ihrem aktuellen Album "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" aus - welches unlängst auf ANTI- Records erschienen ist - und stellen zu dem Track ein Tourvideo online. Anbei ist der Streifen zu sehen - die Band kommentiert:

“Our first and only previous music video, for “The House That Heaven Built,” was originally designed simply to document one week in the life of Japandroids on tour in America. But as time went by, it inadvertently became not only the best visual document of Japandroids in 2012, but of the whole Celebration Rock era. Directed by Jim Larson, it captured all the action of the road, and offered a brief glimpse into the lives we led for nearly two straight years.

Conceived as a sequel, this video, very appropriately for “North East South West,” documents another week in the life of Japandroids on tour, this time in Europe. Filmed primarily in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Jim Larson returns to the road to capture what has changed in the preceding years (and what hasn’t).”