JULIEN-K - Tourdaten 2011



Julien-K werden den Sommer 2011 in Europa verbringen um ihr neues, noch unbetiteltes Album, direkt vor Ort zu promoten.

“Our last european tour was amazing. We where totally surprised with the turnout of our first run through Europe so we thought we would come back this summer to play festivals and start promoting the new album.” erklärt Sänger Ryan Shuck.

“We have a very loyal fanbase here in the US and all over the world and we have met so many new friends on our last tours with Dead By Sunrise in February and with Julien-K in August, it just seemed natural for us to come back this year. We love to travel. Meeting new people, playing new places are a big part of the fun in our job.”

“All our friends and people we meet tell us that Prague and Budapest are phantastic places and we are really looking forward to finally play those cities. It will be a very exciting time in Europe!”
, ergänzt Gitarrist Amir Derakh.

Die ersten Termine stehen fest:
01.06.2011 - CZ - Prag – Modra Vopice
02.06.2011 - CZ - Budweis - MC Fabrika
03.06.2011 - CZ - Chomutov – Otevreno Festival
10.06.2011 - GER - Köln – Underground (Systeme De Street Exklusivshow)
16.06.2011 - HUN - Budapest – A38
17.06.2011 - GER - Berlin - Hard Rock Café - Rockstar Models Night
18.06.2011 - CZ - Bilina – Boren Mysterial Festival
22.06.2011 - UK - London – The Borderline
31.07.2011 - NL - Utrecht – Summer Darkness Festival
13.08.2011 - GER - Hildesheim – M’era Luna Festival