KAMIKAZE GILRS - neues Album im Juni



Das britische Riot Grrl-Punkduo KAMIKAZE GIRLS kuendigt ein neues Album via Big Scary Monsters an. "Seafoam" erscheint am 9. Juni - unten steht mit "Berlin" ein erster Eindruck zur Platte bereits. Zum Release erklaert Frontfrau Lucinda Livingstone:

“A lot has happened in the world in the last year and a lot has happened in my personal life. We're writing from a different place now. Seafoam is me coming out the other side of all of the problems I was having during the last record. It's still all deeply personal, but it's braver then before. It's bold and it's angry, and I feel like I've been the most honest with my writing that I could.”

"Seafoam" Tracklisting:

1.      One Young Man
2.      Berlin
3.      Teenage Feelings
4.      Good For Nothing
5.      KG Go To The Pub (ft. Ren, Petrol Girls)
6.      Lights & Sounds
7.      Deathcap
8.      Weaker Than
9.      Unhealthy Love
10.  I Don't Want To Be Sad Forever