KARATE HIGH SCHOOL - Neuer Song, neues Album



KARATE HIGH SCHOOL haben folgendes Update zu ihrem Eyeball Release gepostet:

"Hey folks, this is Paul from Karate High School. I'll keep this simple:

Karate High School has a new record called Invaders, and it will be released through Eyeball Records in early 2009.

Invaders is a record about life, love, destiny, self-discovery, accomplishments,
disappointments, Heaven, Hell, dreams, reality, hope, realizing it's never too late to follow your heart, and finding beauty and strength in the most peculiar of places. If there's one theme that keeps coming back throughout the record, it's that It's Okay To Be Yourself. I fought with this concept for a long time, and I still do. There is simply too much media telling you how to look, how to act, and selling you answers to your problems that it's hard to wade through the bullshit and find something real. If you feel this way too, then hey, this record is for you.

I wrote most of this record in my old bedroom at my mother's house. No high-priced studio. No big-name producer with fantastic street cred. No money. Aaron played drums. Geoff played guitar. And I played keyboards, bass, and sang. The only thing I had was a minimal amount of recording gear and an overwhelming need to use music as a way to process life experiences, express them, and gain some type of understanding of What The Hell I'm Doing Here. And yes, I am fully aware of how disgustingly pretentious and self-indulgent that
sounds. But what can I say? I'm writing this on my laptop at Starbucks while nursing a Venti Decaf White Mocha With Extra Foam, and my thick rimmed glasses and black beret got the best of me.

"Zombies Everywhere" is only a sample of where this record goes. Check back for updates regularly, willya? Thanks, I love you more than any human being should love another human being. :)

Invaders tracklisting:

1. Zombies Everywhere
2. One Trip Around The Sun
3. Punk Rock Uniform
4. Fell In Love With A Robot
5. Under The Micrscope
6. Out On The Streets
7. You're Not Fooling Anyone (Except Me)
8. If You Don't Live Here, Don't Surf Here
9. The Horror Show
10. Failure Is Officially An Option
11. Dear You, It's Me

Oh, and cake is awesome. Chocolate, preferably.


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