Karate aufgelöst!



Nach 12 gemeinsamen Jahren haben sich KARATE aufgelöst. Hier das Statement:

"After 12 years and nearly 675 shows in Europe, Japan and the US, the band Karate has called it quits. Our end comes primarily due to health concerns of our singer/guitar player Geoff Farina. The three of us would like to extend a fond farewell and a HUGE thank you to all the fantastic people we've met and all the folks that worked so hard to make Karate happen. "

Vocalist/guitarist Geoff Farina über seine gesundheitlichen Probleme:

"I could no longer continue with the band for a number of personal reasons, the most important of which is that I have developed hearing problems from many years of dangerously loud stage sound. After seeing a hearing specialist and attempting to continue working with Karate, it quickly became clear that I can no longer play at the high stage volume that Karate requires. "