LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Studio ab Dezember gebucht



Die deutschen Deather LAY DOWN ROTTEN haben die Vorproduktion ihres neuen Albums abgeschlossen und werden sich ab Dezember im Studio verschanzen. Hier der Kommentar von Gitarrist Daniel Jakobi:

"We just finished the pre-production for the successor of our Metal Blade debut 'Reconquering The Pit'. We are really happy about the result and actually can't wait for early December to come to enter the Desert Inn studios and record the new album. The working title for it is 'Katharsis...Or The Principle Of Death', but this is subject to [change].

"The upcoming album will be quite a challenge for us. For the first time, we will mix and master the album outside Germany. We have decided to go to Sweden and let Dan Swanö (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY) do the mix and mastering. Some of you might know Dan is my definite death metal hero so having him work on the album means a lot to me personally. Then we'll have a couple of guest appearances of top-class death metal singers on the album. I won't give you names yet, but we are talking about true death metal legends from the early days of our beloved music style and I am extremely excited having them on the next LAY DOWN ROTTEN record. We will reveal all those details in the near future so stay tuned and keep an eye on our online studio diary once we have started recordings.

"We will perform a new song called 'Hours Of Infinity' on the 'Darkness Over X-Mas Tour' in December so come by, check us out and have a drink with us!"