LEFT BEHIND - neues Album im November



Mit "No One Goes To Heaven" kuendigen LEFT BEHIND ihr neues Album an, welches am 15. November via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Mit “Peeling Wax”  stellt die Metalcore-Band unten eine erste Vorabsingle im Stream vor, bei der auch Matt Honeycutt von Kublai Khan zu hoeren ist. Frontmann Zach Hatfield kommentiert:

“All the songs have different meanings, some were inspired by how I’m still recovering from things that happened a couple years ago with some of the stuff I wrote about on the last album. ‘Peeling Wax’ in particular was about a conversation I had with Matt (From Kublai Khan) during the first tour we did together. To sum it up, he told me he connected with what I say, that he felt like he was alone in a lot of things he experiences and our music was like a light in the darkness he felt. We became a lot closer friends over the last couple years and I decided to write the song about that same loneliness we feel. It was only right to feature him on the track”