LEFT BEHIND - stellen erste Single vom dritten Album vor



Das dritte Album von LEFT BEHIND heisst "No One Goes To Heaven" und erscheint am 15. November via Pure Noise Records. Anbei stellt die Metal/Hardcoreband mit "Outside My Body" einen Vorabsong des Nachfolgers zu "Blessed By The Burn" von 2017 im Stream vor. Zach Hatfield, Frontmann der Band aus West Virginia, kommentiert:

“I wrote that song thinking about how tiresome it is just to do basic tasks. Whether I’m overthinking the stress I’m going to have from work, or anxiety from talking to people, I get stuck in my head having the same thoughts over and over again. Sometimes I even zone out until someone says my name. I think about things I’m ashamed of that happened years ago. Things that really shouldn’t be as big of a deal as I make them to be but it’s hard to stop thinking the way I do. I have goals I set for myself whether that’s in music or my personal life, but this feeling of dread and a lack of inspiration keeps me from achieving a lot. Might just sound like I’m lazy but there’s a lot more going on in my head than just not being motivated”