LIARS & THIEVES - Video zu "Scarlet Thread"



Die Metal/Posthardcoreband LIARS & THIEVES koppelt den Song "Scarlet Thread" ihres 2019er Albums "Thaumatrop" aus und stellt diesen unten mitsamt Videoclip vor. Im Statement der Jungs heisst es:

"Here it is. We all miss concerts, we all miss the crazy feeling to stand side by side with strangers and listening to our favorite or new music. We have all been through a lot. To us personally it was a huge hole we fell into, we just released an album, we had our first confirmed Festival-dates and wanted to do so much stuff which we had to cancel but hey we're a still here right? There's hope, we hope to see you next year in front of the stage. We hope you all enjoy this Video, feel the energy from us, because we definetly still feel the energy from everyone who came to this show. This is our Live Video to "Scarlet Thread"
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