LIFETIME - A message from Dan



Folgendes Update gibt es von LIFETIME, deren Album gerade über Decaydance veröffentlicht wurde:

"So I just got home after a 13-hour workday and a late-night Paint It Black practice. I'm pretty sick after hanging out with my 2-year-old nephew last weekend (he had bronchitis or something, but it was worth getting sick just to spend time with him, I adore that kid). I feel like hell but as I sat down to eat some sad excuse for a dinner and check my email, I realized that it's Tuesday, February 6th, and our new fucking record comes out today!!! We've been waiting so long, and I'm so impatient, that I've had to put it out of my head almost entirely for the past month. Whatever, its late and I'm exhausted and sick, but I'm too excited to sleep right now. I love this album, and I can't wait for everyone else to hear it. I'm also super stoked to play some of these songs live. We're playing a bunch of shows this month, and hopefully you can come out and join us.

This weekend we hit D.C., NYC, and Boston. The punk rock sideshow freaks known as WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY will be joining us every night, which is awesome, expect total carnival chaos. Friday in DC GOVERNMENT WARNING will be opening the show. They're one of the best new hardcore bands in the country. If you love Minor Threat you will love this band. If you don't love Minor Threat, you should probably stop reading this right now. Saturday in NYC local boys CRIME IN STEREO will be starting things off with their powerful and anthemic melodic HC. Great guys and a great band. In Boston on Sunday, Richmond VA's own CLOAK/DAGGER are opening. A great band formed from the ashes of Count Me Out and Trial By Fire, these guys sound like the Circle Jerks and to me that is the highest of all possible compliments.

The following weekend we'll be playing in California (Anaheim, Hollywood, and San Francisco). Seattle's SHOOK ONES, the current frontrunners bearing the melodic hardcore torch, will be playing every night. They opened for PIB on our last West Coast tour and were some of the most fun people to play with and hang out with. L.A.'s own MIKA MIKO will be joining us for the SoCal shows, and I'm super excited. I've never seen them live, but their album made my top ten list for 2006. They stir up memories of the glory days of Kill Rock Stars when Bikini Kill first put us boys in our place. Last but not least, NorCal's Set Your Goals will bring their dual-vocal dual-guitar assault the San Francisco show.

Anyway. New Album!!! Yes! New shows!!! Yes! Great Bands!!! Yes! Sleep!!! Yes! See you this weekend.