LIGHT YEARS - Details zum neuen Album



Am 13. November erscheint mit Cleveland, OH's Light Years "I'll See You When I See You" das Rude Records-Debut der Poppunkband LIGHT YEARS aus Cleveland. Die Platte, die von Will Yip (u.a. Anthony Green, Balance and Composure, Circa Survive, La Dispute, Title Fight) produziert wurde, kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden - ausserdem streamt die Band unten einen ersten Song namens  "Let You Down".

Frontmann Pat Kennedy zum Release:

"This record is very important to us, and will stand out because it is so honest. We put everything we had into these songs and didn't hold back. We are not trying to pull off a gimmick or sound just like every other cookie-cutter pop-punk band, we are just playing music that we would want to hear.These are the best songs we have ever recorded and I believe we have finally found our voice as a band”.