LONG DISTANCE CALLING - neue Video mit Ralf Richter



Mit ‘TRIPS’ erscheint am 29. April 2016 das neue Album der Postrocker von LONG DISTANCE CALLING via InsideOut Music. Zum Song ‘Getaway’ stellt die Band vorab einen Videoclip ins Netz, in dem auch Schauspieler Ralf Richter (Das Boot, Bang Boom Bang) in einer Rolle zu sehen ist.

Die Band zum Clip:

 "Ladies and Gents, here´s the brand new video clip for the song ´GETAWAY´. It was great fun to work with German actor Ralf Richter (Bang Boom Bang, Das Boot, etc), who played in a lot of cool movies which we really like and which we grew up to. We are big fans of movies from the 80ties and you might get a taste of that in the clip. The video shoot was fun and as you can see in the video, it was probably more fun for him than for us, haha. ´Getaway´ is the opening track on „TRIPS“ and we can´t wait to play it live. Tell all your friends!"
Love LDC