Folgendes Update hat Ian gepostet:

"Greetings everyone, Ian here.

Firstly i would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and of course a happy new year, because thats a nice thing to do. I hope you all put your orders in at Argos for Tracy Island.

So we have 14 songs pretty much finished. I am going home to see my ma in Wales next week, and the new year is looking pretty exciting. We are still unsure if we have a finished record though at the moment, and we still have a few more ideas, so us being us, we are going to maybe record a few more tracks because we are fussy, and dont like putting filler on an album. So we'll do that early Jan. I reckon it will be out in the summer.

I wanna thank everyone for voting for us and for me in the various polls, is awesome to know we have you guys as our army behind us. It means no one can fuck with us, we got your back and you have ours.

We have a lot of plans for the new year, lots of cool new developments etc. Im not gonna tell you too much, but hopefully its gonna be good times for both us and you. We are definately expanding the LPS universe.

Im also starting my own blog thing. I know jamie has been doing one, but i think its time for the real quality to come out. I've always felt connected with you guys, but lately ive retreated somewhat into myself. So im gonna alter that and reconnect. I'll try to set up something where you guys can talk to me, ask me stuff, make indecent proposals etc. All the stuff i like. In return you can bear witness to the wit and wisdom of a true sage.

I also wanted to say thanks for the comments and messages, i try to read them when i get time, and i reply in my mind. Its hard to reply to them all, and i need a new computer, so its a slow process."