Der britische Songwriter LUKE SITAL-SINGH veroeffentlicht diesen Freitag mit „Just a Song Before I Go“ eine Cover-EP mit Songs amerikanischer Songwriter, die das musikalische Schaffen SITAL-SINGH's beeinfluss(t)en - im Detail Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Big Star und Jackson Browne. Anbei gibt es das Coverartwork sowie die Liveversion von BIG STAR's "Thirteen". SITAL-SINGH zum Release:

 Music and travelling is one of life’s great marriages. Nothing beats a good musical road trip. […] With such great songs and great sights I knew I wanted to document this experience in some way. So, as we travelled, in motels and dressing rooms I began to record my own versions of the songs that were soundtracking the tour.”