LÜT - neue Single im Stream



LÜT aus Norwegen stellen mit “VIEPÅ” einen weiteren neue Song ihres kommenden Albums vor. "Mersmark" erscheint erst am 8. Januar 2021, vorab aber hatte die Punkrockband mit "Homme Fatale" schon einen ersten Vorreiter ins Rennen geschickt. Zur neuen, zweiten Single sagt die Band: 

"After playing three concerts, in less than 24 hours in Bergen, Oslo andGothenburg, we had to ask ourselves; how the hell are we coping with this? This questionbecame the self-examination and the song VIEPÅ. A tribute to the "drive" you only find inyoung people loving what they do. VIEPÅ is a true rock anthem and takes us back to asummer without restrictions and inhibitions among the best of friends. A personal favoriteon our upcoming album. God, we miss those times.."