MANNEQUIN PUSSY aus Philadelphia werden am 21. Mai ihre neue EP "Perfect" via Epitaph veroeffentlichen. Anbei stellt das Indie/Punktrio bereits den Titelsong der Platte mitsamt Videoclip vor.
Die fuenf Songs wurden von Will Yip produziert und sind das Nachfolge-Release zum 2019er Album "Patience“. 
Sängerin und Gitarristin Missy zur Single:
“Last year, I found myself spending more time on my phone than I ever had in my life. Physically separate from other people, I spent hours of time watching other humans perform on my rectangle. I realized that through years of social media training, many of us have grown this deep desire to manicure our lives to look as perfect, as aspirational as possible We want to put ourselves out there, share our lives, our stories, our day to day - and these images and videos all shout the same thing: ‘Please look at me, please tell me I’m so perfect.’ It’s simultaneously a declaration of our confidence but edged with the desperation that seeks validation from others.”