MASKED INTRUDER - erster neuer Song online



Mit "Love And Other Crimes" stellen MASKED INTRUDER direkt nach ihrem Wechsel zu Pure Noise Titel und Releasedate auch fuer ihre neue EP vor, die am 8. Juli via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Unten gibt es den Track “Take What I Want” im Stream zu hoeren. 

INTRUDER Blue zum Song:

"We're really stoked on this EP! We recorded it with Roger Lima, who produced it along with Mike Kennerty. We had an awesome time working on it, and I think that really comes through in the final product. It was mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton, and he killed it. We basically couldn't be happier with how everything came out, including the awesome cover art by Danielle Otrakji. It's a pretty dynamic record, especially for a 6 song EP. Each song really has it's own feel, which we hope will appeal to the ladies, and make them want to make out with us. The first track/single is called "Take What I Want" and it's about stealing, which is cool. Other than that, I think the record pretty much speaks for itself. Cool!"

"Love And Other Crimes" EP Tracklist:
1. Take What I Want
2. First Star Tonight
3. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt
4. Running from the Cops
5. Still Always on my Mind
6. If Only