MEGADETH - Dave\'s Album-Update



Megadeth Mastermind Dave Mustaine hat die folgende Nachricht an seine Fans in das Forum der offiziellen Band-Homepage gestellt.

"I am currently in Derbyshire, England with [producer] Andy Sneap finishing the record. Glen [Drover, guitar] is over here doing some last-minute sleeping on the couch, er, uh, just kidding. He is seriously shredding some solos! :-)

"I, on the other hand, am finishing off the last remaining fixes on songs and last remaining vocal performances. There is a small list of guitars solos and three rhythm parts I need to finish and then we are into mix mode.”

"I am just back from a walk in the English countryside with [wife] Pam, and I was thinking that I wanted to share with you the exceptional vibes that are taking place out here, but then I thought forget it! Last thing Andy needs is the sheep next door having MEGADETH spray-painted on them, or worse!!! :-)

"I am sure I will see some of the MEGADETH Fan Club members that Dave McRobb [MEGADETH webmaster] is in a holding pattern on telling 'when and where' to come have a drink and a chit-chat with me and Mr. Drover.”

"More important news, I am going to reveal the guitar company that I am going to endorse going forward in my career on Friday January 19th, 2007 at 1:00 PM at the NAMM show.”

"Until then, just know that every note on this record is being gone over with a fine tooth comb, like I did on 'Countdown To Extinction', and suffice to say, I should have been doing it this way for the last four or five records. I love how I feel about what I have done, what Glen, James [Lomenzo, bass], and Shawn [Drover, drums] have done, and I love the tones on this record. Although it has not been mixed, you kinda get the feeling of the sound of my custom amp's sound in the rough mix that Andy Sneap did for 'Gears Of War'. Some of you know about these amps, but I will wait until next week to talk more about that.”

"Lastly, I look forward to seeing some of you again at NAMM and until then, stay tuned here! I may be able to get Mike Gitter and Roadrunner to allow us to put up another little snippet of new music. I will be finishing up the long overdue calls to the contest winner, and the daily winners that are still outstanding."

Über den Track "Gears of War" sagt Dave: "This was a mix made by Andy Sneap to apply for the job as mixer on this record and I was so impressed I wanted him to help me finish up the last parts as well as cutting two new songs we hadn't planned on releasing. [It was] a great start to one of my favorite records to have ever made so far. If the process of writing and tracking, and the energy we felt in the studios is any indication, then this is just the beginning of the rebuilding of the perfect beast!"

Auf könnt ihr Euch den Videoclip zu “Gears of War” anschauen, der am 31. Oktober 2006 live im Six Flags Park von Springfield, Massachusetts im Rahmen des "Gears of War - Match Made In Hell"-Events aufgenommen wurde.

"United Abominations" wird ausserdem eine Coverversion des Led Zeppelin Songs "Out on the Tiles" beinhalten, welche Dave Mustaine kürzlich als eines der Highlights des Albums bezeichnete. "It could be the best song," sagte er. "I think it rocks!"