MEGADETH - Nachricht von Glen Drover



Megadeth Gitarrist Glen Drover hat im Forum von folgende Nachricht hinterlassen:

"Since I have returned from the U.K. trip with Dave to finish United Abominations, I have been reflecting on what we have accomplished over the last year with this new recording...

"The whole experience has been a lot of fun for me, as well as learning so much from Dave in the process. All of us have worked so well together on this record, which is what good chemistry is all about!

"Speaking of working well together and chemistry, Andy Sneap [producer/mixer] has really been a blessing for us. He knew exactlly what to do with this album, was very easy to work with and has become a good friend as well. I look foward to working with him again!"

"Aside from all of that stuff, there will be some cool news coming up in the world of Megadeth. Stay tuned..."