MEGADETH - Update von Glen Drover



MEGADETH Gitarrist Glen Drover hat für euch ein kleines Sommer-Update:

“Getting ready for the next run! Just wanted to drop all of you a few lines to share some new and exciting news. My good friends at Dean guitars are now presently working on a nice new graphic guitar for me, which will have (yes, you guessed it) the front cover artwork for United Abominations! I have seen how this guitar will look and all I can say is AMAZING!!!! Fans of my older Peace Sells guitar will love this one! Should be ready for the beginning of the US tour in September.”

“Speaking of gear, There may also be some changes to my live rig, which I cannot expand on right now. Stay tuned for that info. Aside from that, I have been doing some serious R&R here at home since the end of the last tour, starting to get into shape for the next US run and also looking forward to visiting all of our friends in Alaska!! We are all very excited about this trip! Stay well and hope you are all having a great summer!"

"United Abominations" erschien im Mai.