MEMORIAM - Lyricvideo zu "Requiem For Mankind"



MEMORIAM haben ihr neues und drittes Album "Requiem For Mankind" am 21. Juni 2019 via Nuclear Blast veroeffentlicht. Anbei stellt die Death Metalband aus Grossbritannien einen Lyrikvideoclip zum Titelsong vor. Die Band kommentiert den Track wie folgt:

"Lyrically it ties in with the burial as depicted on the artwork of the album itself. It could also be interpreted as a lament for the state of the world we are living in, we have left enough room in the lyrical content to draw your own conclusion! Musically it's another headbanger (we seem to have a lot of those on this album) with a nice heavy deep end rumble. It needed to be the title track! 
It has that old school feel, it's organic, it's out now and all you need to do is listen, absorb, and bang your head !