MOOSE BLOOD - Video zu "Can We Stay Like This?"



Zu ihrer Single “Can We Stay Like This”, die dem aktuellen Album 'I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore' (Hopeless Records) entstammt, stellen die britischen Emorocker von MOOSE BLOOD einen Videoclip ins Netz. Zu Song und Videoclips erklaert die Band:

"’Can We Stay Like This’ is a song Eddy wrote for his wife whilst in LA, during the recording session for the album. The video has a darker tone than anything we’ve done before. It’s a mood we’ve been trying to achieve from a video for a while now, and we’re really happy with the way it all came together.

The video is about getting back to that place as described in the song and the desire to undo that which can’t be undone. There’s a perfect moment for this couple that’s the polar opposite of where we find them and it’s impossible to get there because time only runs in one direction although not in film" he continued “That’s the magic of the video, taking them back to that moment. By playing out the action in reverse time, the lyrics aren’t ironic to the images anymore and can actually be taken quite literally. They’re being brought back to life as the song asks “Can we stay like this?"