MORE THAN LIFE haben ein Lebenszeichen von sich gegeben und sich ebenfalls zu ihren Arbeiten am neuen Album geäußert:

Real sorry to say that we are NOT breaking up. We have had a bit of a rough time for the last 4 months or so. But everything is back on the mend and getting sorted out. We still have ALOT more stuff to do. [...]
e have started writing a new record. BRAND NEW SONGS, BRAND NEW FEEL, BRAND NEW IDEAS, SAME MORE THAN LIFE There was alot of problems with LLMG, and we dont feel that it did those songs justice so we are going to be re-recording Scarlet Sk...yline, I've lost track of everything, Daisy Hill and Love Let Me Go to show them in their true light, how we pictured them to sound. This will be a free online download........... AUSTRALIA. we aint forgotten about you. we are trying to organise a tour still, but we promise we will be coming over. No shit. Things are looking up