Hier ein paar News und Updates von Justin, der bereits von einem möglichen neuen Album plus Titel und dem "Sick Of It All 20th Anniversary Tribute" spricht:

"Gutentag, friends!! Its been a while, we know, we know...

We're back from our second tour of Australia & New Zealand and it was absolutely perfect. Thanks to EVERYONE who made it possible, the whole Resist Records Family and Dave McD and his crew in New Zee. We had a bl'ast, were treated so well by everyone, met some great new people and hung with some great old friends. Oh, we also played a few really wild shows! Ha. The two days in a row in Sydney (Hardcore 06 Festival) were insane. We flew out to Perth (Western Australia) for 2 shows in one day, an all ages and then an 18+ over and thats something we'd never done before, it was brutal to pull off but fun. We did 3 shows in 3 days in New Zealand and they were wild. Everything was amped up this time and better than last time so we were really, really excited about it all. In 3 weeks we flew 7 times and traveled through 4 different time zones. If I hear that fucking emergency exit, safety flotation device mime demonstration once more, I think I may just storm the cockpit. My head is a fucking mess and we've all been sleeping so strange since we got back. But a little jetlag is a soft side effect for such an amazing trip, so thanks again EVERYONE!

Whats next for MPB you ask? well, some rest and some writing. We did a shit load of touring for "Merciless", a few US/Canada tours, two European tours, South America/Brazil, Australia/New Zealand, not to mention we were actually playing shows in South Africa when "Merciless" actually came out back home. So, we have an abundance of ideas for a new record and we're anxious to immortalise them on a new disc. As of right now the next record is tentatively titled "Do Not Resuscitate". I have no idea when we'll hit the studio, when it will come out, we don't know if Matisyahu is going to beatbox on it and we don't know when my dog will give birth, so, please... don't ask. All we know is it'll be on Trustkill and it'll be good, we promise. While in Melbourne, the indigenous Matt bought a didgeridoo and he's already written a few songs with it, so stay tuned !

We've been asked to be a part of the Sick Of It All 20th Anniversary Tribute CD !!! Its an amazing line up of their closest friends' bands and we're honored to be a part of the chosen few. I forget the entire list of bands, but I remember seeing AFI, Hatebreed, Dropkick Murphys, Sepultura, Bouncing Souls, Napalm Death, Rise Against, Walls of Jericho... a bunch more. Its going to be awesome and we're getting to cover my favourite SOIA song so I'm especially amped. I wanna shout out to our good friend Paulie Walnuts (Gotham Road, Know Your Enemy, Indecision reunion drummer). He'll be recording the track with us for the tribute CD filling in for our worldy drummer Colin who stayed behind in Australia to get a few more pics with the koalas and snag a few more fridge magnets. Colin managed to parlay his extended vacation down under into a radio gig in Melbourne. He'll be co-hosting the show for the next few weeks with our friend Sara. You can hear them on Tuesdays live via Australia talking shit. Go here for all the info u need to tune in and party... Headwealth Radio Show (on MySpace)

Rachel and Matty took tons and tons of pics on these last few trips and we know our website is in dire need of an update and we promise we'll make it happen very soon. Do people even check bands' websites anymore though?

Related MPB bands and projects...

I have two solo "projects", I fucking HATE that term, but give them both a spin if you're so inclined Justin Brannan and The Redemptorists and Bonfire of the Vanities

Oh, Rachel, Rob and I we were photographed as MPB for a calendar today. I'll let your imagination run wild with that one until November or December when the 2007 calendars go on sale. Its going to be a must-have xmas gift.

Thats all for now, thanx for the support as always!!!!

Justin & Most Precious Blood"