MUCH THE SAME - Frontmann verlässt Band



MUCH THE SAME Frontmann Chris "Gunner" McGrath hat seinen Ausstieg bei den Chicagoer Skate Punks verkündet. Hier sein Statement:

"Over the past couple months I've been wrestling with the most difficult decision I've ever had to make: after 8 years I have to leave Much The Same. I could write pages describing, in detail, all the problems I have with the music industry, the punk scene, the touring lifestyle, etc., but in the end the truth is that my priorities and dreams have changed. I could never leave a band that's produced music I love this much, toured the world, and made so many great fans (including some of my idols), if I still had any desire to be a career musician.

The thing that attracted me to punk rock in the first place was the idea that I could live my life on my own terms, doing what makes me happy no matter what other people thought I should do. For many years, that meant being in a band and living the life I always dreamed about. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to pursue success in this industry without compromising your values, your interests, your music, and your personality. For years, everything I've done and said has been calculated based on what effect it would have on our band, and that is a tough way to live when your natural inclination is to tell people what you really think and play music you love while answering to no one. Essentially, being in a punk band has stripped me of the freedom I originally found in punk rock to begin with. Even in leaving this band, I've struggled with the disappointment many of our fans will have with my decision, but I can't live to please others anymore. "Living a Lie" was not written as a personal introspection, but I see now how accurately it applies to my own life.

The good news is that I am now engaged to the most perfect girl for me that I could have ever imagined! It would be irresponsible of me to try and be a husband while barely breaking even on tour, spending more time in a van than at home with my wife, and I would never want to do that to her or myself. I have been pursuing a career in computer software for almost as long as I've been playing music, and it will be a great and fun way to support my family in the future.

I'm happy to say that Franky, Dan, and Jevin will continue on as Much The Same once they've chosen a new singer. To anyone who is afraid of the change that will come, be confident knowing that they are responsible for 75% of the music on Survive, and the significant leap in quality between albums was primarily due to their creativity. I have heard a lot of the music they're beginning to work on for the next album and it's all great! Please continue to give them the same respect and support you've given us up to this point, they deserve it.

Speaking of new music, I will absolutely still be making music in one form or another. I love music too much to stop, and one of the benefits of starting over is that I can make music in whatever way I want, with none of the restrictions that come from being in a band. Some of what I will write will still be fast punk, it's what I know and what I love; some will be entirely opposite and I look forward to exploring a new world of music I've never tried before, and hopefully getting back into the piano as well as guitar. Nothing is set in stone yet but I've been talking to some friends about different ideas and I'm sure you'll be hearing more music from me in the coming months; subscribe to this blog if you're interested in hearing what I come up with.

Thanks so much to each of you who have come to appreciate the music and the hard work I put into this band and scene over the past few years. It's been part of my entire adult life up until now and I'll always cherish the memories and the impact that I've somehow managed to have on some of your lives. I've accomplished everything I ever wanted to do with this band, and much more, because of you. Don't be strangers!"