MUCH THE SAME - mit neuer Platte auf Tour




MUCH THE SAME legen nach 13 Jahren Albumpause den Nachfolger zu "Survive" nach. "Eveything Is Fine" erscheint am 26. Juli via Lockjaw Records. Zudem kommt die Punkrockband aus Chicago im August fuer vier Shows nach Deutschland. Anbei kann mit "Snake In the Grass" ein erster Song des neuen Albums angehoert werden. Gitarrist Dan erklaert zum Song:

"This song was an eye opener for myself.  The original idea was to write about a shitty person I was living with and how they made my life miserable, then after looking at he situation retrospectively, I realized I was the bad guy; I was the villain living among them, the snake in the grass.  Also, I'm a history teacher and I really loved the story behind the Culper spy ring during the revolutionary war, where a spy loyal to the patriots is still living with his Tory wife and pledging his loyalty to the British. I found our two stories aligned quite well so I tried to use older English terms and vocabulary to cross both ideas together.   Also, you could tell by this song that I wish I was in Lagwagon. The bridge/conclusion is my favorite part. It just kind of states, I'm no longer beholden to your world so I'm going to build my own out of what's left, much like after the revolutionary war."
04.08. 2019 - Hamburg - Monkey’s Music Club
05.08.2019 - Hannover - Stumpf
06.08. 2019 - Berlin - Franken
10.08. 2019  - Villmar, Tells Bells Festival